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Interview with Ted Ladd, formerly lead evangelist, Platform Group, Palm, Inc. WBT: Can you tell us a little about the two recent Palm releases - the m100 and the Palm VIIx? TL: Let me answer, if I may, from a platform perspective. (When I say Palm I am including the Palm device business and the Palm licensees team - like Sony, Nokia, Motorola.) Handheld devices right now are separating into two different segments. The first segment is for your grandmother. These are low-cost devices with basic functionality, tried-and-true technologies aimed at people who need handheld computers but don't necessarily even have a laptop or desktop computer. Technological neophytes basically, just people who want the personal organizer-type features of the Palm. Previously that meant the Palm III series; now it's the m100. From what I've seen of the reviews and some of the early number... (more)

Cutting Through the Unwired Hype

Marketing hype is everywhere in our lives. It's unavoidable no matter where you go - flipping through television channels, reading newspapers or magazines, or driving along and looking at the billboards on the highway. Now, don't get me wrong; advertising has its place. It shows the market what's out there, and the revenue pays for many goods and services, including the very magazine that you're now holding in your hands. It's not the advertising, itself, that's a problem, but rather the hype in the advertising that's very hard to cut through for those making purchasing decisions... (more)

Motorola and Nokia File a $3-billion Lawsuit Against Telsim

On a recent business trip to Istanbul, I arrived to wall-to-wall coverage of the Telsim controversy. Motorola and Nokia have filed a $3-billion lawsuit against Telsim, the second leading wireless provider in Turkey, alleging that Turkey's Uzan family borrowed all of that money with no intention of ever paying it back, in violation of the U.S. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute. Telsim is currently denying these charges, and we'll be following the case at as it unfolds starting on February 11. Heading back on the 11-hour flight to New York, I spent my t... (more)

<CF News>

Over the past few months we've previewed the development of ColdFusion 6.0 - affectionately codenamed "Neo" by the Macromedia development crew. In many of those articles we also discussed the new Java support, one of the brightest new features and also the one that could help carry ColdFusion to its next level of acceptance and support. At DevCon, Macromedia brought that promise a bit closer to reality with announcements about Neo and its brand-new partner support. Numerous industry leaders, such as BEA, IBM, Intel, and Sun Microsystems, are joining with Macromedia to support Ne... (more)

Notes from the Field...

I'm writing this editorial on the way home from CFNorth in Toronto. It was, I can honestly say, one of the best times I've had at a conference, ColdFusion or otherwise. This was the case for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the amazing effort that Kevin Towes and his team put forth in creating the most CF-friendly environment possible, with, simply put, some of the best speakers and the biggest names in the industry. When I was first asked to give a keynote at the show, two thoughts immediately crossed my mind. The first was, "What the heck can I say for an hour ... (more)